( 118mm x 74mm x 13mm)

WCS series 

Suitable for Water Cooled System

Model No. MCW201/WCS-C   Cooling only type.

Model No. MCW201/WCS-HP Cool/Heat-Pump type.

Model No. MCW201/WCS-EH Cool/Electric Heater type.

Main Board: MCW201-WCS/EH(HP)-MB
( 163mm x 108mm x 60mm)

DES series

Suitable for Direct Expand System

Model No. MCW201/DES-C   Cooling only type.

Model No. MCW201/DES-HP Cool/Heat-Pump type.

Model No. MCW201/DES-EH Cool/Electric Heater type


Main Board: MCW201-DES-MB

( 153mm x 67mm x 50mm)

FCS series 

Suitable for Fan Coil unit

Model No. MCW201/FCS-C    Cooling only type.

Model No. MCW201/FCS-H    Cool/Heat type.


Main Board: MCW201-FCS-MB

( 153mm x 67mm x 50mm)



Attractive decorator design a smart wall control panel with soft touch key buttons and newfangled LCD display with cold blue color back-lit function.

OnOff keys pressing separated. After unit turned on, the On button is could be proceed for operating MODE selection as Fan-onlyCoolHeat and Auto. Every operating MODE has individual settings of Fan speed and set temperature Point.

Fan key pressing control for Fan speed setting as HighMedLow 3 speeds. Besides, an internal option select for a single speed (High) only set is available. And also, a Constant Fan run could be set during the Heat MODE operation.

Zone-1 and Zone-2 key pressing for two Zones damper On/Off control – Day or Night. Every Zone has individual temperature sensor for room temperature detection. The room temperature value will be averaged, if both Zone-1 and Zone-2 are on. (provide for MCW201/WCS only.

The Set temp-p and q key pressing adjustment for temperature set point within a range of 16℃∼32, or 61℉∼90.

A 12hr Timer key pressing for unit operation with Timer-on and Timer-off.

Swing key pressing for Swing synch. motor On/Off controls.(for MCW201/DES only)

Room temperature could be readout.

Auto-Restart function, provide solution in case of power failure. Automatic start to execute the last setting while power comes again after once power failure occurred. Could be disable by internal selection.

Via an external DDC key button pressing in providing long distance remote to run or stop the unit. (for MCW201/WCS only)

Provide Compressor protection, due to High pressure or Low pressure occurred. And also a klixon type protection for the event of Electric Heater over heat. (for MCW201/WCS-HP/EH only)

Provide water cooled condensing controls for water pump interlock module connection. Prior to start the compressor, automatic to check the water pump and floating switch are work normally. (for MCW201/WCS only)

During Heat-pump unit is operation, provide a LT sensor to check the leaving water temperature is not too low,. (for MCW201/WCS-HP only)

Provide timing control protections of Compressor restart delay 4 minutes etc.

Provide the heavy duty Relay is able to direct turn on the Compressor up to 3HP; and Electric heater up to 5kW. Using low DC voltage connecting for all the safety cut out interlock circuit



For model No. MCW201/WCS-EH



For model No. MCW201/WCS-HP



For model No. MCW201/DES-HP(EH)



For model No. MCW201/FCS