Microprocessor-based Electronic

Air conditioning Controllers

Incorporates the latest innovations in both hardware & software design. Miconair has a complete range of microprocessor-based electronic controllers in HVAC control solution. The integration of these latest advanced in microcomputer technology to provide the air conditioning equipment manufacturer with enhanced system performance and a high level reliability. All production and distribution of the Miconair controllers is backed by a quality assurance system which meets the requirement of ISO 9000 and also can be qualified for the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC relating to electromagnetic compatibility in supporting the manufacturers of equipment with CE certification or FCC regulation.



Miconair provide the standard series controllers for original equipment manufacturers of Packaged(PAC)Minisplit(Wall-hung, Ceiling, Cassette, Free-stand)Window(RAC)Ducted and Fan coil types air conditioning equipment to meet the demands of control solution for residential and commercial. The standard series controller can be supplied in standard plastic casing with a choice of colours to suit the customer’s requirements. System control for Cool-onlyCool/Heat-PumpCool/Electric-HeaterClod/Hot-water air conditioner are standard options.



You may wish to use our standard controller designs with a customer designed plastic control casing to your individual style. Miconair will design and manufacture the plastic control case to suit your particular requirements. Where required the Printed Circuit Board (PCB’s) will be also manufactured to suit your air conditioner dimensions.



Miconair also provide a full customer design service to assist you with a specific controller to meet your products requirements. Our engineers are experienced in control system development and manufactured and air conditioning apparatus design. This enables us to liase with your system engineers where specific control or system diagnostics are required.



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