Through continuous research TOPFLEX RUBBER INDUSTRY CO., LTD has developed productive engineering techniques to provide a high quality line of rubber expansion joints. In co-operation with engineers in Taiwan & Australia, TOPFLEX developed a production facility in Thailand, utilizing the latest manufacturing technology. TOPFLEX Rubber Expansion Joints are superior to traditional products with excellent performance characterized by competitive pricing, effective vibration isolation, sound absorption corrosion resistance. The robust design provides a high resistance to shock, offers a greater recover from movement, eliminates electrolysis and are easy to install. 

TOPFLEX Rubber Expansion Joints are used as flexible connectors between pumps, vessels, pipework etc., for the  Chemical Process Industry, HVAC, Marine, Pollution Abatement, most hydraulic applications.  

TOPFLEX Rubber Expansion Joints are available in Single Sphere connector with flange, Twin Sphere connector with flange and Twin-Sphere with Union Thread. The standard sizes range from 1” through 24”. TOPFLEX Rubber Expansion Joint products will satisfy you with the competitive price, high quality, prompt delivery and good service.

  • Productions:

    • TOPFLEX Series TS (TOPFLEX Single-sphere connectors with flanges)

    • TOPFLEX Series TT (TOPFLEX Twin-sphere connectors with flanges)

      • TOPFLEX Series TT is ideal in heating and air conditioning systems, where low initial cost and maximum reliability are a must. The TT Connectors is a Twin-Sphere joint with EPDM cover and EPDM tube. It provides excellent resistance to ozone and sunlight aging, and oxidation; the unit has on EPDM tube, which is good for hot and cold-water service, chemicals.
        The Twin-Spherical design not only provides a high pressure ratting, but also provides reduces force to flex, thus protecting mating flanges, especially PVC and fiberglass types. The steel flanges easily rotate on the bellows, which makes it easier to line up the bolt holes during installation when mating flanges are out of line. Separate retaining rings are ever required. Flanges are of zinc-plated steel with a steel head (flange retainer). At -20°C to 100°C., Standard size range from 1½" through 12"I.D., with operating pressures at 228 psi, and 14" through 20" I.D. with operating pressures.

    • TOPFLEX Series TU (TOPFLEX twin-sphere connectors with Union threads)

      • TOPFLEX Series TU is ideal in heating and air conditioning systems, where low initial cost and maximum reliability are a must. The TU connectors is a double elongated spherical joint with female steel union threads. The body of this unit is EPDM the fully molded single spherical design provides a high pressure rating with the added benefit of a non-clogging, long radius arch configuration. This design also provides reduced force to flex, thus protecting mating flanges, especially PVC and fiberglass types. Standard sizes range from ½" through 3" I.D., with operating pressures at 142 psi at -20°C to 100°C.

  • The Advantages of TOPFLEX Rubber Expansion Joints

    • No Gasket or packing required. 

    • With the floating flange they can be easily installed on the piping system.

    • To absorb expansion and contraction of piping system. 

    • Insulates the transfer of noise and vibration.

    • Easy to install.

    • Small space requirements.

  • Features:

    • Vibration sound and shock absorption

      • Noises, vibration of motor and compressor, water hammer, pumping impulses and water born noises can be absorbed. Also withstand strong surge pressures without chattering, owing to their tensile strength.

    • Higher burst strength

      • Spherical shape is stronger than cylindrical shape or other configuration, Under pressure, TOPFLEX joint is 4 times as strong as a cylindrical joint. Also our products are made of most suitable material, and burst pressure is much higher than those of other makes.

    • Free from corrosion

      • They are made to withstand corrosive chemicals and resist acid fumes and ozone attack.

    • Greater recovery from movement

      • They will neither crack nor fracture under repeated flexing. They have a remarkable long life expectancy even under adverse conditions, because they are made from the finest grades of rubber and other materials.

    • Security assured in usage

      • The joint can be used in confidence as due to the damage proof design they provide a secure and reliable installation. 

    • Low deformation under pressure

      • Internal pressure is exerted in all directions distributing forces evenly over a large area. So the deformation of joints is very low.

    • Suitable for suction and delivery (Discharge)

      • Because of the excellent molding technique with its tough chemical fiber, the joints can satisfactorily with stand the suction and discharge. Vacuum rating can stand up to 650 mm Hg.

    • Greater movements are available

      • Four-way movements - axial compression and extension, lateral movement and angular deflection tolerance in exceptional.

    • Wide service range

      • They are made from chemical resistant elastomers such as Neoprene, Nitrile, Hypalon, EPDM which insures a product compatible with the fluid being pumped or piped. Operation up to 16kg/cm² and -20°C to 100°C .

  • Use in:

    •  Air conditioning system.

    • High pressure air ducts. 

    • Chemical Lines

    • Circulating water lines

    • Compressor lines.

    • Paper stock lines

    • Pump-suction and discharge

    • Refrigeration chilled water lines.

    • Turbine to condenser

    •  Marine installation:

      • Air intake on Diesel engines

      • Ballast

      • Between scoop and condenser

      • Fog foam lines

      • Forced draft

      • Overboard discharge

      • Sanitary system

      • Ventilation lines

  • Standard warranty:

    • All merchandise sold by us is subject to this standard warranty. Our products are warranted to the original purchaser for one year from the date of sale to be free from defects arising from materials or manufacture. Our liability for breach of any or all warranties expressed or implied, is limited to refunding the invoice price of the product, or at our option, to the replacement of product. TOPFLEX RUBBER INDUSTRY CO., LTD. will not participate in or be responsible for any installation, labor or consequential costs arising from claims under warranty. The replacement of the product or the refund of the invoice price is the maximum liability of the Company. It is incumbent upon the user to apply the products strictly in accordance with approved Trade Practice, and any defect or failure arising from the misapplication, alteration, misuse or abuse or any other contributing factor beyond our control , automatically voids this warranty. This warranty is conditional upon any defective products being returned to the premises of TOPFLEX RUBBER INDUSTRY CO., LTD. or their nominated agent with all freight and associated forwarding charges prepaid. The sale of our products under any other warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, is not authorized by the Company.

  • Contact details:

    • Head office in Taiwan:

      • Cogent Electronics Corp. 
        5th Floor-9, No. 4, Lane 609, Sec. 5, Chung-Shin Rd.,
        San Chung City, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
        Tel:  886-2-29992418
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        Contact person: John Chen /
        Managing Director

    • Office in U.S.A.:


        982 Yorktown Dr, Sunnyvale CA94087, U.S.A.
        Tel: 1-408-2455708

        Fax: 1-408-2455105 

                    Attn. Mr. Spencer, S.P. Tsai / V.P.

    • Factory in Thailand:

        25/2 Moo 1 Tambol Nongsamsak Amphur Banbueng,
        Chonburi, 20170 Thailand

    • Branch in Australia:

      • TOPFLEX Rubber Industry co (AUST) Pty Ltd.
        94-98 Jardine Street (P.O.Box 83), Fairy Meadow NSW 2519,

        Tel: 61-2-42835377
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        Contact person: Mr. Edward T. Jacob / Managing Director